GATE-2016: EE solved papers
The book delves deeper into the entire syllabus of Electrical Engineering for GATE and highlights a systematic presentation of the course. For the convenience of the users, the book is divided into topic wise sections. An analysis is done on previous years’ test papers to check the allotment of marks and number of questions asked from each chapter/ unit. The figures are provided on the introduction part of each chapter. The book is an easy read with the addition of key concepts and detailed discussion of important formulae. These formulae discussed at the beginning of every chapter would facilitate learners in solving problems and make all conceptions of the subject clearer. The multiple choice questions (MCQs) incorporated are picked from GATE test papers since 1991 to 2015. The answers of the MCQs are given at the end of the chapters along with the step by step explanations of the solutions. The book besides all technical chapters also includes the papers of General Aptitude and Numerical Ability. The previous year’s conventional questions with the solutions are given towards the end of the book. These would help the students immensely in preparing for GATE, 2016. As a whole the book strives to assists the learners in achieving success in GATE, 2016.
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